The heartland of Argentina is largely made up up fertile plains which produce its award winning beef, soybeans and many other fruits and vegetables. And with food prices on the rise, this area has done well economically recently as well. But an innocent feel remains in the small towns of the Pampas. Locals are all too willing to help out a foreigner with directions or advice on where to stay or eat. If you like to talk, you won´t have to look far to find a conversation here.

Where to Go in the Pampas

If you are traveling overland from Buenos Aires to somewhere else you will inevitably pass through at least some of the pampas. And while the idea of staying in a quiet country town might not excite you, many of these towns make a great place to break up a long trip.

For example, if you are traveling by bus or car to Bariloche or any other part of the lakes region of Northern Patagonia, you could stop off in the city of Santa Rosa or a bit further West in General Acha. Both of these towns has decent hotels and restaurants although Santa Rosa would have more variety.

If you are headed further south in Patagonia, you will pass many quaint little towns on the way. Azul is typical and right on the route south.

If you are just looking for a day trip from BA why not try San Antonio de Areco. This small town with a history of gauchos and literature is clean and well maintained and a walk along its “riviera”or a picnic in its parks make for a charming day.

Tandil is also possible in a day, but it is an interesting enough place to warrant a weekend trip.

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