Mar Del Plata and Nearby Beaches

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Buenos Aires, there lies a string of beaches which lie dormant for most of the year.  But in December things start to liven up and in January it explodes.  Families and young singles from all over the country flock to the shore in droves.  By day they go to the beaches and by night to the parrillas and discos that stay open until the sun comes up.   The capital Federal, in turn, becomes eerily quiet.

At the end of February the mass exodus back to the city starts and by March the resort towns are dead again.   

Which Beach Should you go to?

The center of it all is Mar Del Plata – which isn´t just a resort, but also is the seventh largest city in the country. So that means there is more to the town than just san and sunscreen, there is culture as well. During the summer most theatre companies from Buenos Aires close up shop in the capital and head to the theatres in Mar Del Plata.  The municipality also put on free concerts throughout the summer, inviting top artists from throughout the is a ton of accommodation in town, but as hard as it is to believe, it does fill up between December and early March.   When this happens the alternative is to rent an apartment off of a local resident or real estate agency.  But keep in mind that prices on these apartments can be high, and not indicative of the quality of lodging.  Some apartment owners are able to pay their mortgage for a whole year with the rent they earn during two months. 

Mar Del Plata is convinient, and its certainly not boring, at least not in January. And despite all the people, you can still relax. But if you are looking for something a bit more intimate, we suggest one of the smaller resorts mentioned below. You will still be close enough to visit Mar Del Plata for shopping or a show.

North of Mar Del Plata

Pinamar, long associated with the rich and elite, really isn’t as expensive and we never met anyone there with an "elitest" attitude.. The town takes its name from the forest of pine trees that were planted there at the end of World War 2.

Nearby Villa Gesell is popular with a younger crowd. In the summer many rock concerts take place there- some right on the beach. But don’t worry about not being able to get to sleep, the overall vibe of the town is relaxed.

The beaches closest to Buenos Aires are sometimes used as weekend getaways for those that live in the capital. But they are still as worthy of a long stay.

Closest to Buenos Aires is San Clemente del Tuyu – which is pretty basic. Next up is Santa Teresita, which although also small, is a good option. A bit further south are Mar de Ajo and San Bernardo, both excellent choices.

South of Mar Del Plata

Miramar is just big enough to have everything you need but small enough that you can easily escape. There are some nice dunes just south of town where you can sandboard. And if golf is more of your thing then you can try your luck on the Miramar Golf Course.

Necochea and neigboring Quequen are the most southernly beach resorts in the province of Buenos Aires.  Both these towns are very laid back-with a touch of hippie and surfer vibe, but still have nightlife and all the ammenties you would need.  Their remoteness from Buenos Aires means if you can walk a little bit down the beach you can quickly be by yourself – something almost impossible to find in Mar Del Plata. 

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