Where is Argentina?

Did you know that Google serves up more than 45 million searches each month for “where is Argentina”? In fact, more people search for the location of Argentina than anything else related to the country! While that’s doesn’t say much for our attention span during Geography class, it does point to the surging interest by people around the globe to discover more about this wonderful country, which is the 8th largest in the world and covers nearly a quarter of South America.

If you are a “map person”, look at the one on the right. If you can’t even fold a street map, then let us explain it for you: Argentina is at the bottom of South America. In fact, in the very south, there are penguins and glaciers. But the country is almost 3000 miles long- as long as the United States is wide. This means that the north of the country is very different than the south. In fact in the north there are jungles and deserts where it stays warm all year around.

Argentina has a long coast along the Atlantic ocean, but does not really have any shoreline on the Pacific side. The Andes mountains, the highest mountains in the world after the Himalayas, form the Western border of the country with Chile.

Argentina also shares borders with Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

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