Traveling in Argentina

Airlines in Argentina

For longer travels within Argentina, flying becomes the most practical option. This is particularly true when visiting Patagonia. A bus ride from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia can take up to three days, and the route that it traverses isn’t very interesting, as it’s the flattest, least densely populated place on the planet for most of the trip. But remember, it’s best to buy your tickets on domestic Argentine airlines before you leave home as prices go up, especially for foreigners, when tickets are in demand. For information on flights and other transport options, see the page for the place or region you plan on visiting.

Argentina Buses

Now some of you might be scoffing at the thought of taking a bus, but Argentina may have some of the nicest, safest buses in the world (they put Greyhound and Eurolines to shame). Most long distance buses are double-deckers with fully reclineable seats and multiple TV screens. Pay a bit more and you can travel in a cama bus, which has seats as wide as a first-class airplane seat. Many will serve you food and wine, and you can watch a couple of movies before comfortably dozing off to a good night’s sleep. This makes a 12-hour bus journey really not all that bad. And generally you will meet very friendly respectable people on the bus, which isn’t always the case in bus lines from other countries (we’re giving you a disapproving look again, Greyhound).

Argentina Car Rental

You might think that renting a car to get out of Buenos Aires is a good idea, but unless you have a lot of free time or really enjoy driving long distances, wrong again. The truth is Buenos Aires is surrounded by seemingly endless plains. Driving through them isn’t very exciting so you’re better off flying or taking a bus.

Within Buenos Aires, the city is not easy at all to navigate as there are many one-way streets and parking can be impossible. Besides subways and a swift and efficient city bus system, taxis are plentiful and unless you are physically challenged, walking and taking the metro are your easiest options. The city has installed many new bike lanes and pedestrian walkways and is really encouraging these forms of urban transport.

There are however areas of the country where renting a car would be recommended, such as the northwest of the country, the area around San Carlos de Bariloche and the beaches around Mar Del Plata. Here the relatively light traffic and frequent sightseeing stops make car rental much more appealing, but you are better off getting to those areas by other means and renting the car locally.

Trains in Argentina

The slowest of the available travel methods sometimes can be the most fun, especially in small groups of people, and it is definitely the most economical. Train lines offer the ability to walk about and stretch your legs freely, some have dining cars and many such as the Train to the Clouds in the northwest featuring simply breathtaking scenery unavailable in any other method of travel. Buenos Aires has a network of trains that still reach the beaches such as Mar del Plata and as far north as Tucuman in the northwest. But keep in mind these are by no means bullet trains, and the appeal here is more on the romantic idea of transport from another era, rather than modern efficiencies and business class surroundings.

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