Palermo, Buenos Aires

Introduction to Palermo


Leafy parks, fashionable shops, cafes, museums, a zoo and bars and discos, and close to just about everywhere you would want to go in Buenos Aires. It no surprise that Palermo has become very popular with travelers. But unlike other parts of the world where tourism takes away from the experience, it only seems to make Palermo better. Accomodation ranging from hostels to swank boutique has sprung up in recent years. Making reservations ahead of time will insure you get a more competitive price.

Palermo a large neighborhood that can be divided into 4 parts: Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Viejo, The area around the park (Barrio Parque – Botanical – Palermo Chico ) and plain Palermo or as some like to call it Palermo Nuevo.

Where to stay in Palermo

Palermo has the widest variety of accommodation in all of Buenos Aires, if not the entire country. Boutique hotels have become the latest fad and they seem to be centered around Plaza Serrano area. Palermo Hollywood has recently become popular as well, and is another option although it is a bit further out. To see our recommendations click here Lodging in Palermo.

How to get to Palermo

Taxis are readily available unless its raining, in which case you might have to wait a few minutes. Many parts of Palermo are not well served by buses, but just as well because it is a great zone to walk in. Your best bet might be to use the D line Subte, get off at Bulnes, Scalabrini Ortiz, Plaza Italia or Ministro Carranza and walk from there. And if you happen to be near Retiro, you can take the train home.


Just about every country in the world has an embassy or consulate in or near Palermo. If you need a visa or have to do any other business with a foreign embassy, Palermo is the place to stay. Even if you don´t need to see the emabassies, they are generally housed in some of the most attractive buildings in the city. A walk through Palermo Chico is recommended.

Things to do in Palermo

A trip to the Bosque de Palermo parks is essential and deserves a full day. With the botanical gardens, zoo, Japanese garden, rosegarden and the lakes you should have your hands full. If its football season you can walk up to Nuñez at get tickets to the next River Plate match at home. Also, while passing by Plaza Italia check out whats on at the Rural expo center.

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